Work Experiences & Exhibitions

Work Experiences & Exhibitions

Work Experiences

In 2017 be present in a ICAA three months residency program located in Dehua (CHINA)

In 2016 he took part in two months of artistic residency at the Internaional studio located in the modern district called Ceramic Art Avenue in JINGDEZHEN, one of the most important cities for the porcelain work in China.

In 2015 involving Monika Gricko and Daniel Wetzelberger in the project M.A.D. always in collaboration with Monika Gricko realizes a painting by 20mt x 4mt on the facade of the Francesconi Group industrial warehouse.

In 2014 He is a part with the work “souvenir from the twentieth century ” at the permanent exhibition DULCISSIMA GENS MANFREDA , at Manfrediana Library of Faenza.

In 2013 collaborated with the Manufacture Sottosasso for a restoration of the wall covering Kabul’ s royal palace(AFGHANISTAN)
In same year participated in the 49th International Ceramic and Sculpture Symposium Boleslawiec (PL)

In 2011 won the  Prize of the Presidente del Senato at the 57° Faenza Awards.
Collaborated with the Panda Project theater company, creating props to the show The Wolf Bile Bile that won a special mention at the Festival of children’s theater in Porto Sant ‘Elpidio.

In 2008 he recorded the set of the show and Didì Gogò of Cevolani, Parisi, who received the Audience Award at the Ermocolle/08 Theatre Festival .

From 2004 in various years experiments various types of processing and collaborates with shops such Geminiani, FOS and attended the studios of sculptors Aldo Rontini and Guido Mariani, contributing to the realization of large-scale works.

Exhibitions and Fairs

2019 THE OTHERS ART FAIR , Turin(ITALY). Space curated by ZEIT Gallery

CREATVE TIMES, Santeufemia Art Gallery, Venice (ITALY)

FAENZA CONTEMPORANEA, Emilia Romagna Legislative Assembly, Bologna (ITALY)

2018 SO POP, Isorropiahome gallery, Milano

SPAZIO NELLO SPAZIO, Contemporary art fair Cesena (ITALY) – Curator Oscar Dominguez

CONTEMPORARY MIX, sponsored by MIC (International Museum of Ceramics) Faenza, Tecnargilla Fair, Rimini



2015 FAIENCE AU XXI SIECLE, Aubagne, (FRANCIA) – Curator Claudia Casali M.A.D. A NESSUNO IL SUO,(NO ONE HIS) Galleria Comunale d’arte della Molinella, Faenza(RA-ITALIA

2014 Faenza per Nove, Old mill Antonibon, Nove (VI- ITALY) 34°CICA-Internetional Museum of ceramic, L’Alcora (SPAIN) Art Gallery “ Terra Rossa ”, Liepzig (GERMANY)

2013 Ceramic Art today in Italy , Villa Necchi Campiglio ,Milano (ITALY)- Curator Jean Blanchaer Ceramiki Festival Boleslawiec (POLLAND) 58° Premio Faenza, MIC Faenza (RA –ITALY)

2011 57° Premio Faenza, International Museum of Ceramic, Faenza ( RA-ITALY )

2005 WATER FOR LIFE, Voltone della Molinella Faenza (RA-ITALIA)

2001 AD ARTE, Art Gallery Fatto ad Arte, Monza. (ITALIA)